Sami activist protests in front of Norwegian parliament over wind turbines

An Indigenous Sami activist has set up camp outside the Norwegian parliament to protest against wind turbines built on land traditionally used by Sami reindeer herders.

In October 2021, Norway’s Supreme Court ruled that two wind farms built at Fosen in central Norway, part of Europe’s most significant onshore wind farm, violated Sami rights under international conventions.

However, the turbines still remain operational.

Sami activist Mihkkal Haetta told the Reuters news agency, “It has been 700 days of human rights abuse, and the Norwegian state has not done anything to stop it. So I have chosen to come here and set up camp until the human rights abuse stops.”

The government has said that the Supreme Court, while ruling that the licences of the two farms were illegal, did not give instructions on what to do next and that the conflict should be resolved through talks.