This site was created and is maintained by Shane White, B. Eng. Electronic. It details trends of the world energy system, and consequential impacts on Earth’s biosphere.

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All charts are generated using my Python script1 which relies on data from the Global Carbon Project2, NOAA ESRL3, The Energy Insitute4, and the International Energy Agency5. Specific references are listed at the bottom of each chart. Thanks to chenyulue6 for the Python code used to generate treemaps7.

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Credit for photos on the homepage are listed below in order of appearance:

  1. Kooragang coal export terminal stockyards, Newcastle, Australia8
  2. Map of the world9
  3. Alta Wind Energy Center from Oak Creek Road, California10
  4. Sunset over Tokyo11
  5. Coal fired power stations in China12
  6. ‘Hell on earth’: Phoenix’s extreme heatwave tests the limits of survival13
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