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Credit for photos on the homepage, are listed in order of appearance below:

  1. Kooragang coal export terminal stockyards, Port Waratah Coal Services, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia1.
  2. Los Angeles, United States, Photo by img.ly on Unsplash2.
  3. Alta Wind Energy Center from Oak Creek Road, California3 4 Z22 / CC BY-SA5.
  4. Author’s own work
  5. ‘Above the clouds’, photo by Taylor Van Riper on Unsplash6.
  6. A wind-driven wildfire burns near power line tower in Sylmar, California, U.S., October 10, 20197. REUTERS/ Gene Blevins.
  7. Australian students fighting for their future8 9.
  8. Map of the world, US Government, Central Intelligence Agency / Public domain10.

Twitter card “Sunset over Tokyo”11.

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