Australia’s Unprecedented Future Temperature Extremes Under Paris Limits to Warming

The severity of possible future temperature extremes poses serious challenges for preparedness for future climatic change. The modelled Victoria and NSW extremes indicate the possibility that sites within major Australian cities, such Sydney or Melbourne, could incur unprecedented temperatures of 50°C under 2°C of global mean warming.

Highest recorded temperature of 48.8˚C in Europe apparently logged in Sicily

The highest temperature in European history appears to have been recorded in Italy during a heatwave sweeping the country, with early reports suggesting a high of 48.8˚C (119.85˚F).

June 2021 Global Temperature Update

June 2021 surface temperature anomaly (°C) relative to the 1951-1980 base period.

“Arctic warming is remarkably about 2°C (3.6˚F) in just this short period of time (15 years).”