Global warming is supercharging weather events, say scientists

Schools in Delhi closed after monsoon rains caused landslides and flash floods on Monday. More than 50 people died across northern India, including in the Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand states. In Japan, torrential rain in the Kyushu and Chugoku regions caused mudslides, closed roads and disrupted trains.

Nearly 2 million people were warned by the Japan Meteorological Agency to take shelter. In the US, more than 13cm of rain fell in Montpelier, Vermont, on Monday.

On Thursday the National Weather Service warned that severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes could hit the state. Vermont governor Phil Scott warned people to “remain vigilant”. “Flash floods are expected, and they’re unpredictable,” said Scott.

“The recent torrential rains and severe flooding occurring around the world are worrisome signs that climate changes are beginning to spin out of control even faster than climate scientists have warned,” said Dr Peter Gleick, a senior fellow of the Pacific Institute in California.