From Algeria to Syria, heatwaves scorch Middle East, North Africa


In Algeria, five states were listed as places with the highest temperatures in the world in recent days, according to El Dorado Weather, which keeps a log of daily temperature extremes, some of those breaking records.

Basma Belbagaoui, an expert on the country’s environment and climate change, said some of these regions are seeing temperatures as high as 51C (123.8F) due to “low atmospheric pressure” which has led to the “formation of a heat dome”.


In the besieged Gaza Strip, a heatwave has worsened power outages, igniting scorn among residents against authorities.


Wildfires raged across the central Syrian countryside as temperatures reached 40C (104F) in some parts.

Fires broke out in the Hama and Homs provinces. Some families had to flee their villages due to the wildfires, local media reported.


Fires have also been raging in Lebanon’s mountainous and green forested areas, particularly in the area known as Wadi Jahannam or Valley of Hell, in a remote area of North Lebanon.


Tunisia is witnessing a record heatwave for the second week in a row, with temperatures in the capital of Tunis reaching 49C (120.2F).


Jordan’s capital Amman saw a temperature of 39C (102.2F) on Wednesday, while the highest temperature in the kingdom was recorded in the Ghor al-Safi region, at above 46C (114.8F).