Five species face immediate concern of extinction, scientific committee warns Australian Labor

Five species, including Tasmania’s Maugean skate, could jeopardise the Albanese government’s zero extinctions target, according to a scientific committee that provides advice on endangered species.

A further 41 species are on course to be declared critically endangered, sparking alarm from environment groups at the pace at which plants and animals are reaching the most urgent status on the threatened list.

“This correspondence between the environment minister and the threatened species scientific committee makes one thing clear: nature in Australia is in big trouble,” Peta Bulling, a nature campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation, said.

“Plants and animals that make this land unique are being pushed towards extinction at a truly alarming pace.

“Of the 41 species identified by the committee, the majority have never even been listed as threatened under our national environment laws, yet here they are making their first appearance in the code-red category of critically endangered.”